Thursday, October 7, 2010

An "R" Moment

I had a "moment" today with R that will stay with me a long time. At least long enough to be able to use against him well into his 20's. Usually, BAW picks him up from school, but today I had some shopping to do up at the Merkaz, so I picked him up and we walked and shopped together for a while.

I turned to him at one point and said, "You know R, this is SO nice for me to pick you up and walk with you, just you and me!"

He squeezed my hand and looked up at me and said, "Imma, I am going to stay with you forever and ever, and never leave you. Except when I have to go to school!" It brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes.

"Well, what about when you get married?"

He laughed and looked at me like I was crazy, "We'll both live with you then!"

If only.


Wendy said...

My R is the same way. Eat him up while you can...soon he'll be a big Bar Mitzvah bachur.

SaraK said...


Anne said...

Write it down. Read it frequently. When he turns into a tweenie or a teen, You can rmember and cry. It's okay.

Remiinds me when Y was 4. He told me that he wanted me to pick out his wife. ...

Anonymous said...

Well Kara, Yudi is quite sure that Yedidya and his wife will sleep in the 'family' bed. just never know!!!!