Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ma Zeh?

I have one child (and I knew exactly who it would be before I even got here) who has a major language block. I'm hoping that it's purely psychological, because it's almost uncanny how much Hebrew he is NOT picking up.

He even said to me today, "Imma! I learned what 'menahel' is today in ulpan!"

Me: "Really? That's great! What does it mean?"

Him: "MAIL!" Um, no. The correct answer is 'principal'. Close?

If something is in Hebrew, he won't even try and read it. If someone is talking in Hebrew, it's almost like he can't hear it. Total and complete block.

Except two words: "Ma Zeh" ("What's this?"). I was hopeful the first time I heard him use it. He walked up to BAW who was on the computer and said, "Hey! Ma zeh?"

I smiled inwardly (mothers can NEVER, EVER smile to show pride if a child accomplishes something. If said child sees this smile, it will set mother and child back at least 4 years. Mother's Handbook Rule #137), and was thinking "Wow! There is hope! He is picking something up!"

But the day progressed and "Ma zeh" came to mean "Hey! What's up?" or "Why are you doing that?" even: "Check out this cool dance move!" And my personal favorite: "Sure I'll drop kick you, you are just my little brother." It became a battle cry. I would hear "MA ZEH!" and come running to catch some misdeed in action. It was the day's mantra.

So, while I'm still hopeful that this child will get his act together and drop the language block, there is only one thing left I can hope for.

Ma Zeh? you ask? Oh, you'll just have to figure that one out on your own.

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Wendy said...

Cracking up. Nicely done...and he'll be fine, you know.