Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today is the tomorrow that I had hoped for yesterday

I figured that I can't let yesterday's post sit and stew too long, lest you think that we are miserable and drowning in our sorrows ;)

Quite the opposite, actually. Today was an all around great day, on all counts. 

Yesterday ended on a funny note; around dinner time J was outside with N and she saw a black dog almost get hit by a bus in front of our house. A heard this and tore off down the street, and caught the culprit. No, we didn't bring home the bus driver. The dog is an adorable small male Rottweiler mixed breed, who looks either like a puppy or a small, young adult. He had no tags, only a really yucky chain metal leash. We took a walk around the neighborhood, figuring somebody would recognize him, but no luck. Then we brought him home so I could post a message on the local email lists. The more we got to know him, the more obvious it was that someone might very well be missing such a great, even tempered, totally house broken and trained dog! Sadly, it's more than 24 hours later, and no one has called to claim him. The ID chips that are implanted under the skin are very popular here, so tomorrow it's off to the vet to see if he has one. I am purposely avoiding the questions of "Do we want him?" "Will we keep him?" It's just interesting that the day I was feeling so bereft and so LOST, he just about showed up on our doorstep.

Those of you who just don't understand love of pets, or dogs, I'm so, so sorry for you. There is something about the loyalty and unconditional love of an animal. Those of you who get it, well, you just get it. TPH told me that the word "dog" in Hebrew "KELEV" comes from "k'lev". However he is, he is showing his heart, and that his heart is always towards his owner. We'll try and find his rightful family, and if not...we'll see. So far he has two names: Sirius and PadFoot. But then again, that might just be one name ;)

Ok, back to today: We thought long and hard about the drop off process and decided that part of the problem is that BAW always brings them all the way to the gate. This morning, he walked them only about a block from home, and they walked the rest of the way. Thank G-d there were no tears, only smiles. R also went off without any crying at all! The first day! BH!!

S came home today with one of the cutest things ever clutched in his hand. A piece of paper with 7 digits scribbled in classic first grade handwriting on it. He triumphantly thrust it at me as he burst through the door, and told me that it was his "best friend's" number, and could I call him right this second for a play date?!! I skeptically looked at it, and assumed that the kid had no idea, and just wrote a bunch of numbers, cuz it didn't  look like any of the typical "999" numbers around here. But every time I doubt kids, I learn that it's really me who's the skeptic, because when I took a closer look, it WAS a "999" number, just scribbled backwards. Obviously! Hebrew goes right to left, so the kids often get mixed up! Well, I did call that mother, and he is coming over tomorrow. I was just so impressed by the resourcefulness of a couple of 1st grade little guys. 

A also came home SO EXCITED! Yesterday had been cool enough when a police officer came to the school and taught them all how to be crossing guards. This is a privilege reserved for 6th graders and it was a big cause for excitement. But TODAY was even better! Today the gym teacher had the 90 something 6th grade boys run an in school marathon and the top four would go on to compete in a race with the top kids from other schools. Well, guess who came in #3?? He was so proud and already has a practice run he is going to do every night to work up his stamina and speed. I couldn't be prouder, or happier for him.

J came home with an ENORMOUS and extremely cool succah decoration. It was so easy, but super impressive! Teachers, fear not, pics coming on FB soon... ;)

So, just so you know, things are looking up today. Everything is good. The weather has been mid to upper 80s (ok, mostly 89, but hey) and finally, FINALLY bearable!

Today I am smiling. :)

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